We offer four certifications through International Commission for Hair Removal Certification (ICHRC) competency-based certification examinations. These certifications enhance the professional growth of members and the Society, and all allied health practitioners, including physicians, electrologists, nurses and others authorized to practice in the jurisdiction at which they practice.

When you are certified, it assures the public that you have the knowledge and skill to provide the safest and most effective hair removal service available.


For electrologists, there is the “Certified Clinical Electrologist” (CCE), for those using the needle modality. Then the next certification, to which the CCE is a prerequisite, is the “Certified Medical Electrologist” (CME). The CME certification tests for advanced knowledge and skill in needle modalities as well as laser and light-based hair removal modalities. The CME certification is required in the State of Florida for electrologists wishing to perform laser and light-based hair removal services. Other states are currently considering following Florida by requiring this certification for electrologists.


The two newer certifications are the Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional (CLHRP), and the Certified Pulse Light Hair Removal Professional (CPLHRP), both designed for allied health practitioners; including physicians, nurses, electrologists and others authorized in the jurisdiction where they reside who practice either laser or light-based hair removal and may not personally practice needle hair removal modalities.