Code of Ethics


Members of SCMHR agree to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics, promoting efficient service and professional conduct. We encourage all of our members to observe these practices in order to remain in good standing with the Society.

  1. Each hair removal specialist shall keep his/her knowledge updated by continuing education programs through his/her professional life. SCMHR requires participation in such programs at least once every five years.
  2. Each hair removal specialist shall give the highest quality professional service within his/her capabilities.
  3. Each hair removal specialist shall use state-of-the-art techniques or methods of hair removal.
  4. No guarantee of anything beyond the professional competence of the hair removal specialist will be offered to the patient.
  5. Hair removal specialists must operate within their scope of practice pertaining to their specialty.
  6. All hair removal specialists must maintain exemplary standards of personal conduct, honesty, integrity and dedication to professional service.
  7. Each hair removal specialist must hold all information pertaining to the patient in the strictest confidence.
  8. Hair removal specialists are asked to not include fees for services rendered in any advertising; to avoid any claim regarding the number of hairs that can be treated in a specified time; to not advertise by means of neon or flashing electric signs; to not make any misrepresentation, false, fraudulent, or misleading statements through the process, circulating advertising matter, radio, TV, display signs or other promotions.