Our Members

Each and every professional member of The Society for Clinical & Medical Hair Removal shares a common purpose: to offer safe, effective hair removal to their clients. When our organization was founded, electrology was the only proven method of permanent hair removal. As time progressed and new technologies allowed for a wider range of hair removal options, the organization expanded its scope to include practitioners of these emerging methods. Today, SCMHR’s membership includes not only electrologists, but physicians, nurses and medical estheticians. We anticipate the needs of members in our profession, embracing all our hair removal colleagues as we continue to look toward the future. Membership provides invaluable information regarding regulatory standards across state lines, which can differ significantly. In addition, membership aids in providing certification and standards to hair removal professionals. Members receive access to exclusive materials not offered anywhere else.
Thank you for your commitment to SCMHR. When renewing your membership, remember that your continued support of this organization will strengthen our vision for the future of the hair removal industry. In this rapidly changing field, you will want to be part of an organization that is open to new ideas and embraces cutting edge advancements in hair removal.