We offer a unique 40-hour Laser / IPL Hair Removal Training Program through our SCMHR Continuing Education Online Instruction platform.


FOR STUDENTS IN THE UAE: Alpha Training and Strategic Management (ATSM) has partnered with SCMHR to offer hands-on training to graduates of this online program. For more information, please visit the ATSM website.



PLEASE NOTE: The 40-hour Laser / IPL Hair Removal Training Program is the only official training program offered by the Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal. This course is not accepted in all states. Please contact your state’s governing body for information on acceptable laser hair removal courses for your area.

For only $595 ($495 for our SCMHR members) you get access to a series of webinars that provide complete instruction in every aspect of laser and IPL (light-based) hair removal, including critical topic areas such as:

Basic Medical Concepts
sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems · types of pain receptors · layers of the skin · phases of hair growth · lesions · melanomas · hirsutism · the cardiovascular system · the respiratory system · edema · melanin · radiation wavelengths
Advanced Medical Concepts
endocrine system · hyperandrogens · polycystic overian syndrome · hyperinsulinemia · cysts · acne · shingles · aktinic keratosis · recognizing bacterial infections · recognizing fungal infections · recognizing viral infections · Fitzpatrick skin typing · recognizing multitype skin
The Science of Hair Removal
laser · intense pulsed light · photothermolysis · light frequencies · understanding energy levels · pre-treatment care · post-treatment care · how electrolysis works · mixing electrolysis with laser / IPL treatment
Safety in Hair Removal
laser safety procedures · sterilization and sanitation · pain management · preventing medical errors · burn prevention and treatment
Business Basics
communication · ethics · professional networking · HIPAA · small business forms · understanding insurance · small business marketing techniques


If you successfully complete any of the training material that we offer, you will earn Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) which may fulfill requirements for practice in your state, and 24 of the hours will count toward requirements for a SCMHR hair removal certification.

After you have completed the 40 hours of training material for the full online Laser / IPL Hair Removal course, you will take a 100 question final exam. If you pass the exam, you will receive 40 hours of CEU credit as well as a certificate of completion. This may fulfill legal requirements for the practice of hair removal in your state: please consult with your local Boards for your state laws regarding laser hair removal.


We offer the most comprehensive online training program, at the best price, for Laser / IPL Hair Removal in the United States. Would you like to find out more? Check our program and complete course catalog:



How soon after I become a SCMHR member will I be eligible for the discount on the 40-hour hair removal class?immediately after the payment for your membership has been made.

I am a member, but I see the non-member prices. Please email [email protected] and they will make sure your account is set up to qualify for the member pricing.

I have already purchased one or two of the webinars that are in your full 40-hour course. Can I just get the rest of the course at a discount? Unfortunately, we only allow you to purchase the full course at this time. However, the full course price is only $595 (for non-members), compared to a value of $1000 when you purchase each webinar individually. In the end, you are saving much more money by purchasing the course as a whole.

Once I have purchased the 40 hour online laser hair removal class, is there a time limit for completing the coursework and the exam? You have 90 days to complete the final exam, measured from when you start the first video of the online program. In exceptional circumstances you may email [email protected] and request an extension.

I would like to pre-take the exam just to see how well I will do. You will not be able to take the exam until you have viewed the training material. Moreover, although you can re-take the exam if you do poorly, the exam will be different each time you take it. The exam questions are randomly selected from a pool every time the test is presented.

Upon completion of the course, will I hold a certification? You will receive a diploma at the end of the course, showing that you have successfully completed the course, but it is not a certification. For information on certification, contact the home office, or click on the “certification” tab on My Account.

I don’t know if I need to take this Laser Hair Removal Course in order to practice hair removal in my state. Can you help? You can contact us by phone or email, and we can advise you. We do not give legal advice but can instruct you on who to contact for the relevant information on how to determine the legal requirements in your state.