Certified Medical Electrologist (CME)

CME Certificate

The Certified Medical Electrologist (CME) exam is intended for electrologists who also practice laser hair removal and requires the candidate to hold a valid CCE designation. While many of the 100 questions pertain to laser use, there are also advanced questions addressing issues covered in the CCE exam. These include: patient assessment, treatment plans and options, referrals and maintaining equipment. For a complete list of topics covered, please review the CME Content Assessment.

The CME is currently the only certification that demonstrates an electrologist’s knowledge of laser and light-based hair removal technologies. Since the first CME exam was administered in 1998, over 1,600 hair removal professionals have successfully completed this exam.

The CME is valid for five years. After that time, one must either retake the exam or complete 75 hours of SCMHR-approved continuing education.

Important CME Documents:

CME Application (PDF)
Candidate Information Booklet
CME Examination Content Summary
FAQs for the CME

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