Consultation Videos


One of the many benefits you get as a member of SCMHR is free access to our Laser Hair Removal client consultation videos. These are two short (15-20 min) professionally produced videos--one targeted for men and one for women--that you can call up on a computer screen or tablet and show to your clients as an introduction before laser hair removal.

These videos explain:

  • How laser hair removal works
  • Why it takes several sessions
  • How to prepare before a laser hair removal session
  • Exactly what to expect during a laser hair removal session
  • What to expect after each session is over
  • What precautions they should take before getting laser hair removal
  • Find out if there it anything they should alert you to before the procedure begins

Check our teaser / trailer for the video below, and remember: access to these videos is free for all of our members!


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