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If you offer an event, a class, or instructional material related to professional hair removal and the hair removal industry, you may be able to register it so that your students can count it toward their Continuing Education Units (CEUs). CEUs are required in many states for hair removal professionals, and are also part of the membership requirement for certification through SCMHR. You can find out more about the basics of CEUs on our What are CEUs? page.

You may use the form below to request approval for your event or instructional material to be included as part of the educational material that counts toward hair removal professional CEUs. It is usually best to submit your request as soon as you start planning your event. That way, if your request is approved you can advertise on your promotional material that your course or event is approved as CEU material by SCMHR. You may not advertise an event as a CEU event until you have received official approval.

The form must be submitted at least 45 days prior to your program date; forms submitted fewer than 45 days will not be considered.

One continuing education unit (CEU) represents 10 contact hours (60 minutes per hour) of participation in an organized continuing education experience with a qualified instructor/presenter, so each hour counts as one-tenth (0.10) of a CEU.The minimum length for a course event is 1 hour, or 0.10 CEU. Any event shorter than one hour may not count as a CEU event.

For events longer than one hour, the smallest increment for assigning CEUs is 0.05, or one half hour (30 minutes) of instruction time. For example, a session lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes will only count as 1.5 hours, or 0.15 CEUs. Likewise, a program of 2 hours and 15 minutes will count as 2 hours or .20 CEU. Time used for welcoming sessions and breaks, or presentations given during meals, cannot count toward the total CEU calculation, either.

Once a session/lecture has been approved for a certain number of CEUs, that becomes the official amount of CEU credit for completion of the event. Keep this in mind when planning your event, because if it runs longer than expected your trainees will not receive any additional CEU credit for that time. If you must change the date of your event, those dates must be approved by SCMHR before proceeding. If you wish to present your CEU event more than once, you must submit a new application (and fee, if applicable) before each offering.

Are you ready to apply to have your event certified as a CEU course?  Read over the following guidelines and tips, and then fill out the form below. Please allow 3-4 weeks to hear back from us. Thank you for your interest!



  1. The program/lecture is planned in response to an identified need of the hair removal audience.
  2. The program/lecture for which CEUs will be awarded should fall within the SCMHR Role of Delineation content areas for the SCMHR certification exams. Programs/lectures not falling within these parameters will be accepted or declined at the discretion of SCMHR’s Education Committee.
  3. The program/lecture must be pre-approved for CEUs. The procedures for obtaining the preapproval include submitting the following items for review by the Education Committee:

    • Program title
    • Goals of the program
    • Length of the program
    • Description or outline of the program
    • Date, place, and time of the program
    • Presenter’s name, credentials and short curriculum vitae
    • Learner Objectives

  4. Programs may NOT be advertised as approved by SCMHR for approval until approval is officially granted. Advertising may state that CEUs approval is pending.

Rules to Remember

    1. Presenters may receive CEUs for a session or lection he or she presents for a one-time credit. Presentations given multiple times on the same subject matter will only receive continuing education credit once.
    2. CEU credits are awarded only for the program part of the event. Business meetings, meals and breaks may not be included in the program length.
    3. Credit should be requested for programs attended in their entirety. Credit will not be granted for partial lectures until the lecture is composed of discrete and separate parts. This format must be described and approved during this application process.
    4. SCMHR will not consider or accept lectures, hands-on workshops, etc. presented by equipment manufacturers.


Things to Consider

    1. When planning your program, consider if the presentation is geared toward personal or professional growth. If the topic is geared professional growth, how does it pertain to the hair removal industry?
    2. Is your topic relevant enough to the hair removal industry for the time allotted to the topic? For instance, it’s important to for everyone to recognize the signs of breast cancer, but why, specifically, for a hair removal professional? Is the topic relevant enough to the industry to fill at least an hour of time?
    3. Is the speaker appropriate for the subject matter? For instance, just because a local hair removal professional knows how to operate a laser does not make this person an appropriate speaker for laser repair unless education in this subject can be documented. Does the speaker have enough knowledge of the subject matter (as it relates to the hair removal industry) to present for the time allotted for him/her in the program?

Other Items of Note

    1. The contact person listed on the application must be affiliated, employed, etc. with the sponsoring organization, school, provider, etc. The contact person must be a current SCMHR member or the continuing education provider must pay a $500 application fee. The fee does not guarantee CEU acceptance and must be paid for each course offered, even if the speakers/classes are unchanged.) Nonprofit hair removal organizations/societies (ie, AEA, ESF, EAF, ESNE, TAHRS, etc.) are exempt from the application fee.
    2. CEU approval applications are blind-copied by the Home Office prior to being sent to the Education Committee for approval. This means that the Education Committee has no knowledge of who is providing the course. All applications are judged on the content of the course and the knowledge of the speakers and not the name of the providing company or contact.



CEU Approval Application

One application must be completed in entirety for EACH session for which CEUs are being considered. CEUs will only be granted for those courses for which an application has been completed and submitted.


Name of Provider (ie, organization, school, etc.) *
Contact Person *
Email Address *
Daytime Phone Number
Title of Activity/ Course *
Activity/Course Learner Objectives *
Provide a brief description or outline on how this subject pertains to the hair removal industry *
Target Audience (ie, electrologists, laser technicians, nurses, educators, etc.) *
Program date/ location/ time *
Clock hours for this class (may not be less than one hour): *
Instructor/ Presenter Name and Credentials (please email your full CV to *
Method of determining satisfactory completion (Sign-­in sheets, electronic badge scanning, evaluation form, etc.) *

There is no fee for non-profit organizations.

SCMHR members must pay an application of fee of $250.

Non-members and for-profit providers must pay an application fee of $500.

You will be automatically redirect to the payment page after submitting this form.

Checks may be made payable to SCMHR and submitted with this application and mailed to:

SCMHR • 2424 America Lane • Madison, WI 53704-3102

Credit card users and/or nonprofit organizations may fax completed applications and required documentation to 608-443-2474 or may scan and email to

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