CCE Examination Content

The ICHRC certification examination is a comprehensive test, which focuses on electrology theory and practice. The examination will consist of 100 multiple choice questions from among the following content areas:


Patient History
Nature and extent of hair problem
Screening for underlying conditions
Evaluating data
Treatment considerations
Making appropriate referrals


Preparation of Patient

  • Psychological
  • Counseling
  • Use of relaxing techniques application of topical agents
  • Positioning
  • Draping
  • Comfort considerations


  • Of skin
  • Of hair
  • Equipment selection, preparation and procedures

Epilation Techniques

  • Use of electric current
  • Anatomy and physiology of hair and follicle
  • Use of equipment

Post-treatment Care

  • Topical
  • Instructions to patient
  • Scheduling
  • Documentation


  • Maintenance and inspection
  • Adjustment and repair
  • Documentation
  • Proper sterilization and sanitation

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