Certified Clinical Electrologist (CCE)

CCE Certificate

The Certified Clinical Electrologist (CCE) exam is the first level of certification for electrologists and is based on one’s current knowledge and practice. A candidate must be a practicing electrologist or have completed (or nearly completed) electrology training to sit for this exam. In addition, it is recommended but not required that an electrologist have one year of practical experience prior to sitting for the CCE exam. This exam may be administered by a community college or learning center offering proctoring services or by a member of the ICHRC, the SCMHR committee governing certification.

This exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, dealing with such topics as assessment, treatment, patient preparation, technique and post-treatment care. For a complete list of topics covered, please review the CCE Content Assessment. The first CCE exam was administered in 1985 and has been updated many times throughout its history by practicing electrologists who were chosen by the ICHRC based on their expertise in the field.

The certification is valid for five years. After that time, one must either retake the exam or complete 75 hours of SCMHR-approved continuing education.

Important CCE Documents:

CCE Application (PDF)
Candidate Information Booklet
CCE Examination Content Summary
FAQs for the CCE